Pasteurizer from a Food Steamer

Here’s an idea: create a bulk substrate pasteurizer with a discarded Richard Simmons Steam Heat Cooker (manual here) and a couple of used bins from the Sally Ann. This ended up working way better than my old wet pasteurization method: ie. simmering in a a tub of water on a propane burner. With that the temperature was hard to control and manure substrates were always over saturated. With the RSSHP™, the substrate came out at perfect field capacity (just like it went in) and it cooled to a usable temperature much faster. I suspect less nutrients are lost in the steaming process, and I bet Richard Simmons would agree.

BREAKING NEWS I’ve made some improvement in the design! Check-out the New Improved RSSHP™

You can buy these babies on-line – just do a search.


Pasteurizer from a Food Steamer — 2 Comments

  1. I am using this right now as a matter of fact. I have more to add to this post. I have since insulated this unit and put the whole ting inside another bin to contain the steam. Substrate comes up to temp much faster and stays longer with less stream.

    I’ll post it on the Tech site once I add the new features.