Puffball Cooking and Preservation

The biggest and the smallest of over 10 puffballs found in the woods. In fine eating condition, no discoloration inside Nice and firm

Thanks to friend and neighbor Silas for giving us these beautiful Giant Puffballs (Calvatia gigantea). Chef Dwayne put the idea of a French Toast style puffball in my head at the Cain Foray and as Silas brought these by in the morning I thought I’d try out a puffball brunch before getting the rest ready for preserving.

Another nice sounding recipe going around is to use the puffy slices for personal pan pizzas. I’m preparing the slices for future use as such, or for burgers, or to cut up and add to stews. Also drying some, it’s all new to me, so we shall see.

Here are some pictures.Thanks to Chef Dwayne for the French Toast idea. Dwayne, if you are out there drop me a line.

I’ll post more once I have tried some more recipes:

The maple syrupy french toasty style was a bit weird but the Personal Puffball Pizzas were great!

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